What is Chevrolet MyLink?

Chevrolet MyLink

Overview on the Chevrolet MyLink Technology

Chevrolet equips many of its vehicles with the signature MyLink technology that provides guidance, entertainment and other connectivity options on the road. This patented infotainment system is optimized to work with all major mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. SiriusXM Satellite Radio and HD Radio are also compatible with the MyLink system. A partnership between Chevrolet and OnStar has led to the integration of plenty of other apps. GPS navigation with colored maps in multiple dimensions is another top feature of the MyLink system. A touch-screen interface is installed in most cars that are equipped with this sophisticated multimedia console. Some Chevy trims also have dials and buttons that control the infotainment's menu. Whether you're driving the affordable Cruze sedan or the luxurious Tahoe SUV, you'll find Chevrolet's digital technology readily available for use on and off the road. 

Features of the Chevrolet MyLink Platform

The MyLink infotainment system is available with a touch-screen display that measures 7 or 8 inches diagonally. The virtual interface is optimized to reduce the time that's needed to access a particular application. You'll typically see several rectangular icons and widgets on the main home screen of the platform. With the touch, tap or swipe of the display, you may get directions from a GPS navigation system. Some Chevy models have navigation software that supports traditional 2-D maps in color and 3-D representations of major cities. You can also get directions from the navigation system by using voice commands. Supporting voice recognition, the wireless Bluetooth technology in the MyLink platform lets you make phone calls through the audio system. Some trims even have features that handle incoming and outgoing text messages. The smartphone-friendly interface of the infotainment system is designed to have backward and future compatibility with common mobile operating systems. For example, you have the option of connecting any Android-powered device through the Android Auto portal. Regardless of the iOS version that it runs on, your iPhone can be successfully synced with the Apple CarPlay functionality. Thanks to OnStar, the MyLink infotainment console acts as a Wi-Fi hub that runs on 4G LTE speeds. In most Chevy cars, the wireless internet network simultaneously manages a connection for up to seven devices, including tablets and laptop computers. OnStar provides other helpful services that improve safety and connectivity. Crisis Assist, Automatic Crash Response and Roadside Assistance are accessible through a valid subscription to OnStar. You may also take advantage of the Teen Driver feature through the MyLink system. This technology essentially makes it possible to limit the use of a given Chevy car by a teenager or an adult with limited experience on the road. In an effort to accommodate the growing mobile marketplace worldwide, Chevrolet has exclusively developed the myChevrolet mobile app that could be downloaded on most smartphones. This app works in sync with OnStar to deliver remote services and other helpful functions. For example, you may be able to remotely unlock the doors of a Chevy with the tap of your phone's screen. 

Contact our Chevrolet dealership to request additional information on the MyLink technology. We'll give you a detailed list of all the Chevy trims that are available with this advanced infotainment system. You should keep in mind that the MyLink features vary according to each model and trim level. Most Chevy cars come with optional packages that add advanced connectivity features, such as roadside assistance, smartphone integration and navigation. We also encourage you take a test drive in any Chevy of your choice in order to experience the full functionality of the multimedia platform.

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