How Do I Pair My Phone With Android Auto or Apple CarPlay?

Buying a new car has advantages that go back to the buyer three times over. First, as a buyer, you can choose the exact specifications you want, and second, you get a full warranty with the most up-to-date technology. You can't underestimate the value of a newer vehicle, but with apps like Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, Google has designed their software for the Android phone, and they have made a card metaphor to describe some of the graphics and interface. It shows up on the LCD screen of the car.

How Are Android Auto and the Apple CarPlay Making Car Connection Simpler?

The ultimate goal behind the set of the Android Auto and the Apple CarPlay is to make things much easier for owners to connect to the different apps like Maps and some of the other systems. You have a clear and easy-to-navigate interface that does not bring up tons of distractions. Android Auto will support most of the car-connected system, and you can even run this independently through Android phones without having to pair it up with an in-dash system. For better legibility, you should use Android Auto with the full LCD dashboard screen.

Are Smartphones Compatible with Android Auto?

Phones running the Android 5.0 will have "Lollipop." Anything later than this should run the software quite easily. Check the software on your phone and look at the "About Device" section, which you will discover under the settings of the phone. If you bought a phone in the past 18 months, you shouldn't have a problem with the software running.

Connecting Your Phone to Android Auto

Like with Apple CarPlay, you will first need a USB cable if you want to set up the Android Auto to it. You will pair this with the Android phone, and you will do it with the auto app made for the vehicle. If you want to pair your car up with an Android smartphone, you should first check to make sure that you have installed Android auto on your phone because this will be essential. If you haven't installed the app, you can do it for free by downloading it from the Google Play Store. Once you have done this, you will plug the phone into your dashboard with the USB cable. After your car detects the phone, it will open the Auto app, and it will set out to update the compatible apps. One example of this is Google Maps.

Which Cars Allow Android Auto?

Almost every modern automaker today from the Volvo to the Audi will support Android Auto. It will be supported in one if not all of their current models and most car companies recognize how drivers want a choice for support like Apple's CarPlay, which works almost the same way. You can download Apple CarPlay for your phone here. Even the car manufacturers that were initially slow to adopt this new technology have now made the switch to it because of the value in it.

You can do a variety of useful things with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. For example, you can take full advantage of the voice commands, or you can even check what the weather looks like in Boston. Older vehicles may not be able to get Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in their car, but Hyundai is the one exception, which has a few 2016 models that started to use the technology. This technology coordinates with the app and the car, which is exciting because this is the first time we have seen technology do this before. For further information, visit our dealership or contact them.

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