How do I manage and schedule my service visits with the myChevrolet App?

Chevy continues to roll out tech-savvy convenience features with their vehicles. Among the most useful of these features is the myChevrolet app that allows you to control your Chevrolet vehicle via your smartphone. Some of its most prominent features are roadside assistance, Trailering calculators, and of course, the service scheduler. As a dealership that is a part of this app, we're here to fill you in on how to set up your preferred dealer and then schedule service with us whenever you need to. You'll find it takes only a few minutes to get your service date scheduled.

How to Manage and Schedule with myChevrolet App

Just login to your myChevrolet app set us as your preferred dealer, and then schedule service whenever you need to. It really is that simple. Perhaps as important as scheduling service is knowing exactly when to schedule service. Regular maintenance keeps your Chevrolet vehicle healthy and running smoothly and efficiently. Never miss an oil change again, thanks to the handy service reminders of the myChevrolet app. The interface is self-explanatory, guiding you to the right sections with apt naming of all the features. For example, scheduling service will be easy to find on there. It's just a matter of logging in and letting the app know exactly what you need to do.

Learn More Today

The myChevrolet app is going to save you a lot of time over the years, as you no longer have to call in and wait to speak to a person in order to schedule service. You'll simply set it up via the simple scheduler, complete with a calendar full of all the dates that are open for your service. Whether you need a simple oil change or tire rotation, or a new set of tires, you're going to find that the myChevrolet app is one of the easiest to use apps on the planet. To learn more about the app today, just give our team a call. We'll be happy to let you know about the scheduling and service reminder features, as well as all the other neat features that are available when you log in to the myChevrolet App. Just call us today for more info.

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