Learn How You Can Quickly Order Domino's with Chevrolet

Order Domino's

Chevrolet and Domino's Team Up

Two powerhouses in corporate America have joined forces to bring drivers the most convenient way to indulge in their favorite dish. Chevrolet and Domino’s teamed up earlier this year after the famed pizza franchise announced the arrival of their application.

When Chevrolet saw an opportunity to offer this app through their infotainment system, they didn’t hesitate, subsequently forging relations with Domino’s in the name of innovation. In 2017, Chevrolet introduced its in-vehicle virtual store. This marketplace contains an assortment of the latest in Apple software. The Domino’s application quickly made its way to this platform.

Chevy drivers can navigate the application through their touchscreen, ordering pizza within a matter of seconds. Best of all, the process is exceedingly straightforward. Begin by setting up your “Pizza Profile.” You’ll be required to enter the following information: name, number, payment information, and preferred Domino’s location. From there, the ordering can commence.

Domino’s thoughtfully added a menu, allowing consumers to peruse their list of tasty eats. Once you’ve decided on your meal, finalize the order by choosing either pickup or delivery. There’s even an option to tip your driver through the app. Gone are the days of ordering pizza over the phone, and upon us is the era of unmatched virtual convenience.

With Chevrolet and Domino’s blazing the proverbial trail, industry experts maintain that competitors are close behind. GMC, Cadillac, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz are all expected to pioneer their own revolutionary methods within the coming years. To learn more about Chevy’s latest partnership with Domino’s, visit their website or dealership today.

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