Upgrades to the 2019 Chevy Camaro

3 New Upgrades in the 2019 Chevy Camaro

Chevrolet is continually improving upon its models to make the experience more enjoyable for the customers. The 2019 Chevy Camaro reflects the manufacturer's desire to make the vehicle amazing beyond people's expectations. Most of the changes that emerged for the model were in its body. The manufacturer felt that it needed a fresh look to keep Camaro fans on the edges of their seats. GM also felt the car needed a revamped design that would make it fly like the wind. The following are some changes that came about in the 2019 model from the previous model.

Rear Rounded Lighting

You'll notice that the rear of the 2019 Camaro looks a little different from the previous model's rear. That's because Chevy decided to spruce up the backside lighting. You'll notice that the back of the vehicle no longer has rectangular shaped LED lamps and now has rounded lamps on either side of the rear Chevy bowtie emblem. Aside from that, you'll still see the smoking dual exhaust and the sporty overall exterior design.

Bulkier Hood

Another change that you'll see in the newest Camaro is the hood bulk. The new hood has many more curves and higher bends than the previous model has and with good reason. The lift gives a strategic edge that makes the entire care move faster. Moving faster is what every Camaro fan wants to do. The new body is rather exciting from every angle. It's sharp, curvaceous and voluptuous, which is pretty hard to resist. It's well worth the price tag, which, by the way, is affordable. Chevy gives you plenty of options from which you can choose to match your budget.

New Color and Grille

The newest Camaro model came out with a new color to add to its envy-worthy list of vibrant shell colors. Riverside Blue is the name of the new color. The company brought the color onto the scene to honor the 1967 Penske-Donohue model. It's a cool version of blue that's full of spirit and flare. The grille was another one of the major changes that came to the Camaro's body. The 2018 model's grille didn't extend across the entire fascia, whereas the 2019 grille certainly does. The extended grille gives it a more aggressive feel as well as the ability to cut through the wind more easily as the driver bolts down the highway.

Upgrades to the 2019 Chevy Camaro

Bonus: The 1LE Trim

Another prize that Chevy threw into the mix for 2019 is the 1LE Turbo model. The 1LE model is a beauty for the budget-friendly shopper who still wants to experience some good old-fashioned pony kick. The model has a super-robust 275-horsepower motor and a six-speed manual transmission that's lots of fun if you love stick shifts. It also has some special performance neat features on it such as the Competition Mode setting and Track Mode setting.

Get up Close and Drive It

Words can only express a small portion of information about this vehicle. Contact the dealership so that you can experience all of these amazing upgrades at once. You won't know how truly fantastic this model is until you experience it for yourself. Sit behind the wheel and become the master of the road for about 15 minutes. Salespersons are waiting for you to stop by and jump in, so don't make them or yourself wait any longer.

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