Chevrolet Auto Loans in Kansas City

At Van Chevrolet, we pride ourselves on working with customers from all walks of life to help them find the vehicle that best matches their needs and desires. With one of the most extensive selections of Chevrolet vehicles in the Kansas City area, we're confident that you will not only find a car that suits your needs but be able to help you drive off in the car or truck that catches your eye.

Why should you finance your next car?

In a perfect world, everyone would have half a million dollars in the bank that they could use to cover their big purchases and occasional employment or financial hiccups. Unfortunately, the modern economy has ensured that many of us struggle to save anything at all. The reality is that few Americans have the cash on hand to walk into a dealership and plunk down tens of thousands of dollars on a car purchase. But people still need reliable transportation. Take advantage of some of the great finance options available at Van Chevrolet.

There are two main types of auto financing deals that we offer. They are leasing and loan financing. For those who may not need to drive many miles each year and who might find lower monthly payments attractive, leasing a vehicle can make sense. The benefits of leasing include ultra-low up-front costs, allowing the customer to drive off the lot while only paying a couple of hundred dollars out of pocket. Monthly payments on leases are also usually lower, allowing customers to get more car for their monthly payment.

However, leasing means that the customer will not own the car. They will not build any equity in the vehicle and must turn it in promptly at the end of the lease. Furthermore, mileage restrictions may severely limit the usefulness of leasing for those who are required to drive frequently or long distances.

Loan financing is effectively the same thing as paying cash, at least from an ownership perspective. The beauty of loan financing is that it allows people to afford dependable, reliable cars and trucks that would otherwise be entirely out of their reach. When buying a vehicle with loan financing, the customer owns the vehicle, allowing them to drive unlimited miles and make any modifications to the car that they choose. When it comes time to sell the automobile, owning it outright can provide a significant source of money with which to buy your next car.

Is there a minimum credit score needed to finance a car or truck?

At Van Chevrolet, we can tap into our extensive financing connections to ensure that almost every customer that walks through our doors will be able to finance their next vehicle. There is no minimum credit score to get financing nor is there any blemish on one's credit history that disqualifies them from getting the car they need.

And with historically low-interest rates, there has never been a better time to get the car you want through loan financing. Come in and take a test drive today. Our friendly staff will use their expertise to get you into the vehicle you desire.


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