Corvette EV Officially In The Works  

How General Motors is Transforming the EV Corvette

General Motors' commitment to a fully-electrified future is fast approaching. The latest to be transformed into an all-electrified vehicle is the Chevrolet Corvette. The automakers plan to start by releasing a hybrid version and later the all-electric vehicle.

In an interview on CNBC with GM's President Mark Reuss, he stated that in 2023, the hybrid version would arrive with an all-wheel attribute. In addition, there have been rumors of the electrified Corvette, whose plans were not discussed. Shoppers have been looking out for development information on the eighth-generation Corvette.

The details of the hybrid all-wheel vehicle are unclear. But, there are speculations that GM will release a new generation of Corvette. There are also speculations that the car will be somewhere around Stingray and the 2023 Z06 models of Corvette. The hybrid version becomes the first vehicle to offer an all-wheel drive experience. Also, the full-electric one will have even better updates.

The EV vehicle is projected to have at least two motors on each axle. Further, three-motor and four-motor electric Corvettes will be rolled out later. The car will also use an Ultium power to enhance the handling of the outer wheels. By 2025, GM projects to have produced about 30 all-electrified models that will later go 100% BEV.

The EV corvette will also improve from 400-volt electric technology to 800-volt to help speed up charging.

For more information about the EV Corvette, visit the dealership and talk to a representative.