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Your car is made to have the ability to accelerate to ensure you can pick up speed any time you apply more pressure to the gas pedal. You may notice that there are times when the car fails to accelerate and doesn't feel as fast with how it drives. It's essential to know the common causes to ensure that the necessary repairs are performed. Here are a few of the top reasons your car won't accelerate.

1. Dirty Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) or Oxygen Sensor

The mass airflow sensor or oxygen sensor can sometimes become dirty, affecting how well the air-fuel mixture is monitored. This affects both the fuel mileage and acceleration, causing you to drive a lot slower than normal. The dirty mass airflow sensor is easy to clean by a mechanic, and the oxygen sensor will need to be replaced if this is causing the issue. You may notice the Check Engine light turns on, which makes it necessary to immediately bring it to our dealership to get it diagnosed by a professional.

2. Malfunctioning Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

When the throttle position sensor starts to suffer from issues, it can prevent the computer in the engine from receiving the correct information. This will affect the performance of your car if you can't read the throttle position. A professional will know how to repair the sensor to restore the car's operation.

3. Clogged Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is designed to prevent sludge, dirt, and debris from getting into the engine. When too much of the gunk starts to accumulate in the fuel filter, it can make the car feel slow and sluggish as you drive around. If you replace the fuel filter, it will prevent the problem from continuing.

4. Dirty Air Filters

Air filters don't last forever and need to be replaced after a few months to continue operating well. If there's not enough airflow, the engine will fail to make the car drive faster. Read the owner's manual that came with the vehicle to determine how often to replace the filters.

Contact or visit our dealership to speak to our service team about why your car may not accelerate. Our team is here to help and can properly diagnose the issue to perform the correct repairs.


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