2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV Exterior

The first-ever Chevrolet Blazer EV is coming out soon. At present, it's expected to come out around the summer of 2023. Here are some examples of the kind of information being released about the new SUV.

First EV

The vehicle is estimated to have a range of 320 miles per charge which is a significant amount compared to what many other vehicles can do. In particular, people often think of the SUV as a versatile vehicle; adding on the EV part gives you even more capabilities. You have many options for different trims, and there are many options for different ranges of the battery. It runs on the Ultium battery platform. This also gives you flexibility when it comes to how fast you can charge based on what you have available.

2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV Interior

Other Features

The display screen for this vehicle is going to have a 17.7-inch diagonal. The estimation on the 0 to 60 speed is going to be about 4 seconds. It's also going to have the one pedal option with regen driving. This means that there's just one pedal that stops the car when you aren't pushing it, which is what the one pedal is about. The regenerative brakes use a method of converting the energy they bleed off during braking right into the battery to get some back. This is how the range is so high, or part of why.

The vehicle will likely have home charging. This does level 1 and 2 charging. You can also use the go charging with the 40,000 public charging stations available. There are also DC Fast Charging Stations.

You can also use the Chevrolet Energy Assist to help manage the electric batteries that charge your vehicle and various devices.


You can try several different exterior options once the vehicle comes out, including two-tone options like black and white, blue and black, Radiant Red Metallic, and many more. You can also choose a red or black interior option for the vehicle. The vehicle has options like Super Cruise, which gives you some driver assist options to make you're driving experience much easier. Super Cruise can manage much of the driving for you, but you need the plan, and you always have to pay attention.

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