Corvette Racing to Go Global in 2022  

Closing the 2021 season, the Corvette Racing program announced ambitious plans for the upcoming season. Tracing its modern history to the late 1990s, this racing division has never competed in endurance-style events worldwide. Taking advantage of upgraded technologies, the next-generation Corvette models will adopt the GTD-Pro and GTE Pro badges. The two American vehicles will be deployed at the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans in the heart of France. Corvette Racing announced the six-driver lineup for the debut on the IMSA and FIA WEC circuits in 2022. Carrying lots of experience on the track, the Corvette Racing drivers want to make grand debuts on some of the world's most important stages.

High Expectations For Corvette Racing in 2022

After enjoying a successful season in 2021, the Corvette Racing team is excited to compete in 2022. The team will feature a lineup of six drivers and take advantage of well-established and all-new technologies on the race courses. Claiming the GTD-PRO label, the Corvette C8.R has a handful of performance-tuned features and distinctive styling accessories. For example, this model has an updated rear wing that maximizes downward force during a high-speed run. Custom-tailored tires from the legendary Michelin brand are installed on this vehicle. The Corvette C8.R edition has a 5.5-liter engine block with a flat-plane crankshaft in the mechanical department. This sport-tuned powertrain generates up to 500 net horsepower and 480 pound-feet of peak torque. As stipulated by the IMSA rules, anti-lock brakes and other required mechanical components are also standard on the Chevy GTD-PRO model. Antonio Garcia will be paired with Nicky Catsburg and Jordan Taylor for the International Motor Sports Association races worldwide during the 2022 season. Wearing the number 3 logo, this highly specialized team receives the SiriusXM sponsorship.

The Corvette Racing unit will also deploy the C8.R GTE Pro model for the FIA World Endurance Championship in 2022. Tommy Milner will team up with Alexander Sims and Nick Tandy for handling this performance-optimized Chevy model on the track. Wearing the number 64 on its body, the GTE Pro model is sponsored by MOBIL 1 and SiriusXM. Backed up by generous funding and brilliant engineers, Corvette Racing is excited to showcase its iconic capabilities and rich history on the world stage.

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